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March 21 2009


Grow your own media lab

something similar from the uk @pipstar sent me.

February 15 2009


First Microprinter test

Inspired by Tom Taylor’s microprinter, I bought the first serial receipt printer on eBay I found, a BPM205 by Italian company APS (never heard of them, but it was cheap: 15,50 €). I was surprised that the printer was never used and came with all accessories: Five NiMH rechargeable AA batteries (can be used mobile, has IrDA), a 15V wall wart with 5 international adapter plugs, a CD with a manual and drivers and even a roll of thermal paper. Here is a pdf of the manual/datasheet.

I bought a MAX232 chip and 4 caps (1 µF) and soldered a serial adapter cable. I found Roo’s sketch at github and was able to get my “Hello world!” right away. Barcode printing also works (seems to be a standard). However, I get an extra “€” char before the Hello world on every reset (0xFF or 0×80 according to the charmap in the printer datasheet) and if I type something into the Arduino IDE’s serial monitor input it is only printed on the next reset, not right away.

Still have to find out what codepage the printer uses, it’s not the ISO-8859 charset. If I sent an “ü” for example, the printer outputs two characters - obviously the Arduino console sents unicode characters. (Also, my printer does not autocut the paper, so that control character is ignored.)

Links regarding the microprinter: Tom’s seminal project, Roo’s blog post, Microprinter wiki.

Update: The charset seems to be mostly Code page 850, but with some differences:


0×00 - 0×1F are not printable but control characters.
Ç (0×80) was replaced by €, as is 0xFF.
× (0×9E) is now ₧ (obviously borrowed from codepage 437).
ı (0xD5) is a smaller superscript 1, not a dotless i.
Except these anomalies, converting texts to be printed to cp850 should result in proper non-ASCII characters.

February 03 2009


Oh no: More Arduino!

For more Arduino (and soon more open hardware) and other tinkering in German, have a look at my new blog/zine/platform/business thing over at There is an Arduino workshop coming up in Berlin soon and I hope this will be only the first of many interesting adventures.

And about this English vs. German thing: I guess there are still a lot of people missing out on the most recent do it yourself stuff. Some people do not speak English at all and even more might understand it but get stuck when encountering technical vocabulary and American standards (22 AWG wire gauge anyone?). I think there is a niche here only slowly occupied by sites like or, now, my site So we will rock this niche and move it a little more to the left, longtail-wise.

January 24 2009

Alles zum Workshop inklusive Anmeldung jetzt im bzw. bei

January 22 2009


Workshopreihe noch unbekannten Namens, Teil Null.

Der angekündigte Workshop (Arduino: Einführung, Schaltungen aufbauen, programmieren, löten, etc.) findet am Sonntag, den 8. Februar 2009 in der upstream-Halle in Friedrichshain in der Zeit von 14 bis 20 Uhr statt.

Es wird der Workshop Nr. 0, ein Prototyp für andere Veranstaltungen, die darauf folgen sollen, sowohl mit ähnlichem Inhalt (oder darauf aufbauendem) oder verwandten Themen zur "Demokratisierung des Produktionswissens", wie man es etwas sperrig formulieren könnte (wir arbeiten auch am Titel noch).
Eine Anmeldungs-Wiki-Seite und mehr folgt bald. Ich freu mich!

Der Workshop wird präsentiert von und Philip Steffan und tollerweise von upstream beherbergt.

(Another thing: The workshop will be held in German, unless a large majority of potential participants demand otherwise. There is a huge amount of information on making stuff available online, but mostly in English. We think that there is a language barrier that keeps people from learning (and ultimatively doing) what they like, so until further notice, workshop activities are held in German. We'll possibly provide bilingual summaries about how it worked out, though.)

LilyPad Arduino stuff arrived

For the upcoming workshop(s), I wanted some Arduino variants to show around. The first batch to arrive today was a complete* set of LilyPad Arduino stuff (*missing the optional Lithium battery pack adaptor):

The board and LEDs, buzzer and vibration module are all working, still have to check the sensors. Missing from the picture is the spool of conductive thread to sew the boards onto fabrics. It was 20 € (ouch) but I guess 600m of thread lasts a long time.

January 21 2009

Geeks and nerds will save the planet. Goodnight.
Brent Spiner's Twitter

January 20 2009


More Arduino tinkering

This was just a test in LED matrix soldering and multiplexed switching, but everything worked right away with about twenty lines of code. Neat.

Update: Yes, this means I went out and bought an Arduino. Might become a business too, but sssh!

bereite workshop vor und kaufe zeug. ich hoffe, nicht umsonst. macht aber spaß.

net culture lab - phase zwei

"Phase zwei", ein arger Euphemismus: Die Telekom zahlt nicht mehr. Das Lab in Dornbirn übersiedelt (in billigere Räumlichkeiten, sicherlich) – "eine Mischung aus co-working-space und hacker-lab" klingt jedenfalls vielversprechend. In Wien hingegen wird's ein "kleines Büro" im QDK, und im nächsten Jahr dann ein InnovationHub™, was auch immer das sein mag. Na dann tschüss, NCL.
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Apparently, I said that

January 19 2009

Neue technische Möglichkeiten des sog. Rapid Prototyping ermöglichen es, Gegenstände und Geräte zunehmend individuell und dezentral anzufertigen. Wir möchten das darin schlummernde kreative, wirtschaftliche und ökologische Potential durch eine gezielte Förderung von Forschung und Anwendung dieser Technologien wecken.
Bündnis 90/Die Grünen machen Europawahlkampf (via jensbest)

Berlin Elektrobastel-Workshop coming in February

Hello everyone who seeks information about that Arduino (and more) workshop I hinted at on today's Berlin Webmontag here. I will post a date and time for the workshop very soon, probably tomorrow. I guess we will provide a half-important registration scheme as well so that enough chairs and workspace for everyone can be arranged.
Please get in contact if you'd like to know more or want to discuss something. Contact me on twitter or e-mail philip åt lunique døt de.
 - Philip

January 18 2009


Heime für Hacker

(DIE ZEIT über Hackerspaces.)

Personal Fabrication for Dummies

(Overview of different fabrication technologies.)

January 09 2009

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December 31 2008


Interview: Selbermachen statt kaufen - Rapid Prototyping

Warum Heimwerken mit Rapid Prototyping subversiv ist <!--/content-->

<!--content-->In den USA gibt es derzeit einen Boom, Gegenstände selbst herzustellen: Der technische Fortschritt macht Rapid-Prototyping-Maschinen auch für Normalbürger erschwinglich. Aktivist Bre Pettis erklärt die Faszination des Selbermachens.

December 29 2008

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